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25, May 2016

Guide on Choosing Topics for Safety Talks

It is essential to regularly conduct safety talks in the workplace to remind employees of the importance of following the company’s rules and regulations. This will also help both the company and the employees minimize the occurrence of accidents.

Safety talks are usually done before the start of work and can last for 10-15 minutes. The main purpose is to discuss how certain tools are used in a safe and efficient manner.

However, some companies even hire motivational safety speakers to do this job. This is to ensure that all employees are oriented on the importance of creating and maintaining a safe workplace for everyone.

Things to Consider When Preparing for a Safety Talk


The best way to keep the employees engaged is to make the safety talk as short as possible. Focus on the topic you want to discuss for that particular session and make it informative. Drag the talk to more than 30 minutes and you may lose the interest of the employees. It is best to cover everything in 10-15 minutes.

Safety talks conducted by a company for the entire employees which involves safety speakers may take more than 30 minutes. However, these speakers may provide a more general kind of safety talk.

Topic Relevance

There are several topics that can be discussed in safety talks. Below are some of these ideas:

1.    Tool and Equipment Safety. Through regular safety talk, you can discuss the safe usage of one tool each session. Make sure though, that every tool is thoroughly explained to all employees. Although these employees have been trained to handle these pieces of equipment, it does not hurt to reiterate the importance of safety precautions.

2.    Eye Protection. There are certain tasks that can be damaging to the eye. Sometimes, the effect may not be immediate. As time passes, serious eye complications might be developed if safety precautions and eye protection are not discussed to the workers. It is important to discuss hazards in the workplace, as well as strictly implement the use of goggles within the site.

3.    Weather-Related Precaution. There are jobs that involve working in extreme weather conditions such as cold. Instead of having workers developed injuries, it is wiser to prevent this from happening by constantly reminding them of the importance of proper clothing to prevent frostbite and muscle strain.

4.    Computer-related injuries. One of the common injuries in the office is carpal tunnel. Having a regular recap of proper posture in front of the computer can mitigate the development of carpal tunnel. It is also helpful to give the employees tips on using the computer mouse effectively to keep it from having carpal tunnel.

5.    Importance of Lock-out Tag-out. Depending on the nature of the business, lock-out tag-out can be very crucial to both authorized and potentially-affected employees. Both sides should be thoroughly educated on the procedures for lock-out tag-out. All updates and changes must be communicated to everyone concerned.

Speaker’s Firsthand Experience

speakerThere are two ways to do this. One is to bring someone who has been through an injury due to negligence. A lot of employees will gladly listen to a firsthand story on how accidents can be minimized if only safety precautions are followed. Not only will it be inspirational, it will also be a source of realization to employees who disregard the possibility of mishaps in the workplace.

Another way to bring firsthand experience is to invite professional speakers with expertise on first aid and workplace safety protection. It can be a learning ground for the employees to hear the basics of first aid. At the same time, professional speakers are well-experienced in putting the message out there for everyone to listen. Although it can cost a lot, certain companies still prefer to have professional speakers because they impart knowledge, actual experience, give motivation, and keep the talk engaging.


Your safety talk message can be summarized through different safety slogans or quotes. Never leave the audience without imparting a certain quote they can bring and apply every day. One of these quotes is “Safety First is Safety Always.”

Before ending safety talks, make sure that the audience knows the essence of such discussions – and that is to always besafe.

21, May 2016

The Real Thing on Long Island’s Real Estate

The real estate status of a place is said to be a reflector of its economic growth and Long Island, New York is not an exception. Long Island real estate has been flourishing over the past decade- many people are migrating, more jobs are being generated and more investors are continuously coming in with hopes of high investment return.

houseAccording to Multiple Listing Services of Long Island, Inc. (MLSLI), the pending median home list price for the second quarter of 2013 is $350,000 which contracted a 3.7% increase from last year’s $363,000 of the same quarter. Individual real estate review of each county- Nassau and Suffolk even suggested the same trend.

Suffolk County reached a 4.1% increase in its median price list. Over the past decade, the household population in HMA has grown from 916,686 in 2000 to 950,300 in 2013- 47% of which lives in Nassau and the 53% in Suffolk. Most of the residents prefer Suffolk County over Nassau because of lower living cost and more affordable housing options.

One reason that could be extracted from this development in Long Island real estate is the increase in job opportunities as more diverse jobs are being offered- from mining to agricultural to business-related jobs. Despite the rising prices of properties in the island, as a drawback of rising demands, more flexible payment terms do the magic of attracting buyers. Rents and mortgages have been lowered and more importantly, more time has been given to the consumers to pay them. American President Obama even made housing more affordable through his tax credit law.

Currently, residents of the western part of the island are moving to the eastern part because of more affordable housing and lower house taxes. The newly-developed Patchogue Village in the eastern end of Suffolk County is gaining popularity because of the same reasons. The redevelopment project included restoration of stores and building of more rental units for the younger market.

Transportation, food industry and businesses are also booming now that more people are coming in.

homeIf people are looking for affordable houses that are near the beaches, they can have it for less than $500,000 in certain areas of the island like Nautical Mile and Great South Bay. These areas are about 30 to 40 minutes away from the city using public transportation.

Investments also keep coming in as more projects are being implemented and more establishments are being built. In Hicksville, a negotiation to reconstruct old establishments into home rental units, offices and laboratories is being discussed. In Suffolk County, plans to redevelop small communities are also gaining approval from the government and its residents. This will improve living conditions, housing and transportation around the area.

Long island real estate is making its way to the top with all of the new housing projects and reconstruction strategies that are coming its way. And the hope for its continuous growth will always be held dear by its people.

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14, May 2016

Custom Challenge Coins as Event Giveaways

It is customary to give away a memento in events and gatherings. We do this to remind the participants or visitors of the special event that had taken place. It could also be a token of appreciation for attending the event. Giveaways can range from custom challenge coins to shirts or bags.

When you go to a birthday party or a wedding, you will usually be given a little something at the end of the celebration. We have seen people go home from an event awkwardly carry a huge item like a pillow. Despite the efforts of the event organizers, sometimes you could see a forced smile from the recipients after they are given the item.

Whatever the reason may be, there are instances when people will just give a souvenir for the sake of just having something to give. The harsh reality is, most of the times, these mementos will just be thrown into the trash. One main reason is that some people just do not see any use for them. Apart from that, some of these keepsakes are just not worth keeping.

We have known some people who are looking for other alternatives to give away during an event. Some people are now using custom challenge coins as mementos for special occasions. Challenge coins are now becoming a preferred souvenir item.


We have listed down some of the reasons why custom challenge coins make good souvenir items.

1.    A challenge coin is very convenient to carry. The size of the challenge coin makes it so easy to carry. Since the item is very light, it does not take a lot of effort for someone to take it with them anywhere they go. Since a token is miniscule in size, it does not take a lot of space. You can just place in a pocket, bag, wallet or coin purse. Its mere presence is something not bothersome compared to big souvenir items that is going to take a lot of space in your house.

2.    When you use a challenge coin, the design is usually engraved which means that it will last long. Therefore, when you customize the coin with a design that commemorates the celebrated event, it means that the engraved design is not going to fade so easily. Unlike other items that use regular prints, custom challenge coins have imprints that will stay for a long time. This means that challenge coins will really serve its purpose of reminding the participants or your visitors of the day that you have gathered to celebrate an occasion.

3.    The challenge coins make an attractive token to be given away. They can be designed in any way you want. It can take the shape of anything that you want it to be. Any person would be interested in getting a small token that is shiny, bright and colourful. You can choose what material to be used in making the coin, which means that you have an option to use a metal that will make it even more interesting for the recipient.

4.    The challenge coins are also sold at a reasonable price. You can find affordable challenge coins that you can give away in any event that you are celebrating. The appreciation that the recipients of the challenge coins get is priceless. The person who will be getting the challenge coin is going to be thankful for the time taken to create such as beautiful piece of memento.

5.    You can also conveniently look for a supplier of custom challenge coins. We, as a supplier of challenge coins, make our products available online. We have created a site where our potential clients will be able to check our products. Like any other challenge coin supplier, we also provide price quotation for clients who are inquiring about our products. The price will depend on the material that will be used and the complexity of the design.